Our retailer services

Helping sell the products and brand we represent

Dot4 Distribution offers more than just stock warehousing and distribution, we offer a range of services for all the products and brands we represent. Depending on the services levels required by each product or brand, we will help retailers promote and market through traditional advertising and on-line media, social media, PR and in-store media. Our goal is to maximise the exposure for the products and brands we represent by helping our retailers in all aspects of marketing. Ultimately, we are all about generating sales.

Stock wearhousing

Efficiently managing stock inventories

We offer an efficient stock management system, linked to our customer order website (see Retail Portal link above), you can view ‘live’ stock list of what we currently hold and where possible, we will hold stock on your behalf and deliever to you upon a confirmed order.

Where we don’t hold stock, we will endeavour to deliver within 5-7 working days.

Logistic & distribution

Dedicated retailer on-line ordering

Through our dedicated customer order website (See Retail Portal link above), we can manage and maintain your order stock. Once a confirmed order is received, we will deliver through our partnerships with UPS and Royal Mail.

Product & brand marketing

Creating demand through effective product/brand marketing initiatives

As the main distributor for many of the clothing brands we represent, we are also responsible for building their brands in selected markets. Through the many marketing channels available, we aim to build an individual reputation which is unique and relevant to each of the brands. By creating demand through traditional and on-line media, social media channels, PR, advertising and websites, we aim to build awareness for all the products we represent, which in turn will help drive sales to our various retail businesses.


Creating an on-line prescence

For some of our represented brands we produce local websites. Primarily as a point of promotion and information on all of their products. But also, to help increase a brands prescence and drive consumers to retailers to buy them.


Bring out there

Whether traditional magazine/newspaper advertising or on-line advertising, we can create targetted campaigns that promote products and/or expand your brands prescence and create product awareness.

PR/Media relations

What they say?

PR/Media relations is a great awareness driver whether for promoting new products or expanding your brands prominence. We will use our extensive network to get your products or brands featured in the right publications.

slaes chanels

Finding the right outlets

We have a large network of traditional and on-line retailer channels. We will promote your products and/or brand to this network to help increase your market prescence and drive sales.

social media

let’s talk

Getting people to talk about your products or brand it critical. It creates awareness and demand, through targetted social media campaign we will endeavour to promote conversation about you.

product development

Ensure the best products reach the market

We have a wide range of experience in motorcycle clothing, whether that’s trying to create the safest protective products or just the next must have! Our expertise is second to none. We have grown up developing products and brands that appeal to our target audiences, and therefore feel we are one of the best place distribution companies out there to fully help manufacturers develop unique propositions for their products.

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