About Us

Who is Dot4 Distribution?

Dot4 Distribution is a leading European distributor of motorcycle clothing.

Our objective is to introduce European bikers to new and exciting lines of motorcycle clothing that offers the highest levels of rider protection and comfort on and off the bike. Our teams ensure that quality styling combined with the advances in technology will satisfy the most demanding consumers.

Our aim is to lead the way in European motorcycle clothing innovation and distribution. Whether that’s through providing an unique alternative to Kevlar® based clothing (with Resurgence Gear’s Pekev® lining) or through the promotion of inspirational designers aiming to challenge the normal rules of motorcycle clothing.

In order to achieve this, our teams are always looking to source new manufacturers with world-class technology that ensure riders are safe and protected or help facilitate independent designers to establish themselves in Europe and in turn create an enviable distribution network of specialist retailers that sell some of best and innovative products on the market.

By taking advantage of new cloud based technologies, we provide one of the highest customer service levels available to retailers and manufacturers. This use of technology means that we can protect and improve the image of the motorcycle clothing brands that we represent and help delivery innovative sales and marketing approaches for both manufacturers and retailers.

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