Martyn Goddard is a professional photographer, blogger & journalist & rides both a 1963 Triumph Trophy and a 2014 Triumph Bonneville T100. The following is his review of Resurgence Gear’s PEKEV jeans.

1963 Triumph Trophy: Resurgence Gear Protection Jeans

Modern motorcycling clothing has become incredibility sophisticated and offers riders a high degree of protection if the worst happens. However, if you are like myself and own classic motorcycles, the Robocop armour suits look out of place with the 1960s style of my Triumph. So with that in mind I came across Resurgence Classic Protective gear.

Yours truly tested a pair of vintage brown jeans, which from the outside could have been worn by James Dean in ‘Giant’ but beneath the stretch denim material are layers of twenty first century protection. The manufacturer claims the secret is PEKEV aramid fabric, which is claimed to be 200% stronger than Aramid with a 10.83 second abrasion resistance. The material is protective over the entire garment and knees and hips have the added protection of Knox Flexiform OME protectors. Add a mesh inner layer to disperse body heat and you have a good looking and safe pair of jeans for riding your beloved machine.

Once on the Trophy the stretch of the fabric, breathability and the body form of the kneepads make for a better than expected riding experience. The mesh inner lining prevents chaffing, which I have experienced from the Aramid in my current protective trousers. When the jeans have to switch to pedestrian mode, in my case a walk to a favourite coffee shack in the grounds of Kenwood House, North London, it is important that the jeans look good and work both on and off bike. This encourages one to wear them on every journey no matter how short. They are quite expensive but what price do you put on rider protection, its dangerous on the modern highways.


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