Great to see the busy guys at Bennetts, Bike Social wearing Resurgence Gear Ultralite jeans during their review of the new Hesketh 24.

Here is their review of it, and look out for the Resurgence Gear mention at the end of the article!

We ride the Hesketh ’24’ prototype and retain our kidneys!

Let’s set the scene; I’m putting my helmet on and about to climb on the prototype of the first bike Hesketh have released in 32 years, it’s called the ’24’ and in good time only 24 of them will be hand-built, each priced at £35,000. The boss, Paul Sleeman, offers some reassuring words before I hit the starter; “you drop it, I own your kidneys!”

I think he’s telling the truth.

Here is a bike that is an adventure to ride; superbly unique, completely mad and highly entertaining. And that’s just the start. Being the first one ever built everything on it is brand new, the bike was only ridden in anger for the first time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed less than two weeks before and has only covered 50 miles since. I feel privileged to be entrusted with such a piece of history. And I’m quite attached to my kidneys.

Propelling this luxury, hand-built brute is a huge 1950cc S&S X-Wedge air-cooled V-Twin heart that protrudes from the sleek white fairings like a flexing bodybuilder. Blue and red stripes on a white background with the number 24 is an acknowledgement to Hesketh’s heritage reflecting the Formula 1 car from the mid-70’s piloted by the late, great James Hunt.

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