Another review by Bennetts, Bike Social with them wearing the Resurgence Gear PEKEV jeans, this time during the Ducati Monster 821 Dark review.

This is the review and, again, look out for the Resurgence Gear mention at the end of the review!

Ducati’s Monster Dark is the slightly cheaper version of the new Ducati Monster 821.

But that doesn’t make it any less fun to ride. In fact, in lots of ways the smaller, revvier 821 is nicer to ride than the brutal Monster 1200. We rode it in the UK.

Think Monster and what comes to mind? Air-cooled, steel trellis chassis, stiff suspension, punchy motor? Well, all of that has changed with the new liquid-cooled 821, and most of it for the better.

Ducati has sold more than 250,000 Monsters since the first one was released in 1993, so it’s pretty important for the Italian brand to get it right. And though the Monster’s creator Miguel Galluzzi’s original concept of ‘a saddle, tank, engine, two wheels, and handlebars’ has come a long way in the 21 years of the Monster, the essence is fundamentally the same.

It started with the Monster 900 and has been through various incarnations including 600, 400 (Japan only), 1000 water-cooled in the S4R, 696, 750, 796, but it’s always the little ones that Ducati sell the most of, in the UK at least, so this is an important model in lots of ways.

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